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Thanks for your time to read this Alliance Tire Rebates page, before we talk and share you more on Alliance rebates, we will tell you about this company first. 

About Alliance Tire Company

In Israel way back in 1950, the Alliance Tire Company was established. But it started to grow starting in the early 1960s. During this time, they started to produce rear and front diagonal tires. Over the years, they started to expand their products.And finally in the early 1980s, Alliance actually conceptualized, designed and manufactured their first radial tractor tire series. Since its conception, alliance has consistently invested in their R&D.

Again, they continued to expand and in fact in 1992, Alliance was one of the very first tire companies to ever develop a diagonal flotation tire. Also, Alliance was the first company to have developed and presented the very first radial flotation tire by the end of the decade. And in the early 2000s, Alliance has enjoyed a very impressive momentum of growth which has been supported by immense developments of new products and expansion in their product range.

Locations And Operations Of The Alliance Tire Company

With their continued growth, Alliance Tire Company now has operations in over 120 countries situated in six continents. All of their tires are especially designed with the latest technology in order to meet all the specific requirements of their clients. The company also has two manufacturing plants located in Tirunelveli in India and in Hadera, Israel. They also produce tires at their contract facilities for manufacturing in China and Taiwan. Furthermore, the R&D centers of the Alliance Tire Company can be found in South Africa, United States, Israel and India.

Products Offered By The Alliance Tire Company

The three most popular brands manufactured and sold by the company are Galaxy, Primex, and Alliance. However they are also well-known for offering over 1000 different specialized products that are manufactured with the latest technologies which have been expertly utilized. Another popular product that they offer is Row Crop which is chiefly used for machines for agriculture. Some of their other products include:

•    Galaxy King Kong L-4
•    Logger Skidders –LS-2
•    Forestry Tractors-Agro Forestry
•    Tractor Radial-Radial Harvester
•    Tractor radial -70 series
•    Galaxy Hulk- L5
•    Tractor radial-Row Crop
•    Flotation Radial
•    Flotation Bias
•    Tractor radial-85 series

Alliance Tire Rebates

Alliance Tire Rebates

In order to ensure that their customers will remain happy with their company, every now and then they offer alliance tire rebate and discount tire coupons. They also do this to show their appreciation to their customers for their continued support of their products. In addition to that, they also offer these rebates in order to help their customers enjoy a tension free tire shopping. Alliance tire rebate can be found virtually anywhere.Aside from the main tire stores, alliance tire rebates are also offered by a lot of other stores and online retailers. For instance, there are online retailers who are offering a $100 money back guarantee per tire. They also offer rebates on as many as 12 tires! Alliance tire rebates are also offered to those who make huge tire purchases. However, the most popular rebate among customers is still the main-in-rebate facility.

Latest Alliance Rebates

Unfortunately  right now there are no fresh Alliance Tire rebates available to print, please come back here later. or you could register to their mail list here, so you'll get new alliance rebates, discounts and any other offers directly to your email. Thanks

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