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About Capitol Tires

Capitol Tires are produced and sold by Itochu International and by the Nexen Tire Corp. Since 1942, Nexen has been producing tires and it is now a very well-known and well-established Korean company. Capitol Tires come in a wide range of sizes and each has different features. Also, whether you are looking for tires for light trucks, sports cars, or light trucks for commercial use, Capitol Tires has them all!In addition to that, Capitol Tires are all of excellent quality, designed for high performance and are very affordable! They also have some offers like capitol tire rebate also  capitol tire coupons which you can use them to save your money on your next new tires purchased from them.

Types Of Tires Available At Capitol Tires

With its long history, Capitol Tires has definitely expanded over the years. These days, Capitol Tires now come in different sizes and types in order to accommodate different car types. For example, they are offering a tire line for exclusively sports tires. In this line, you can choose from Sport UHP, Sport or Sport UHP Plus tire models. The Sport UHP (Ultra High Performance) model is perfect for severe and difficult road conditions and it is also perfect for heavier use like a long day-to-day commute towards work.

Also, the Sports series of Capitol Tires has all-season radials which mean that it can be used not just for sport-type of vehicles, but also for regular vehicles as well. In fact, people who have purchased a sports tire from Capitol Tires said that the tires performed really well and that they were also very affordable. Furthermore, they said that the tires provided a very smooth ride, it performed well in different weather conditions and that it also looked good.

Aside from the Sports series, Capitol Tires also offer tires for light trucks. They have a series of Precision Trac II which offers a wide variety of different sizes that can accommodate various light truck models. It has a deep tread and is perfect for usage in any season. It is also very easy to handle and provides a smooth ride.

These are just some of the tire types offered at Capitol Tires. As of today, they continue to manufacture tires suited for all sizes and car types.

Are Capitol Tires affordable?

When you buy a tire at Capitol tires, you are already saving money. After all, Itochu International and the Nexen Tire Corporation want to be able to provide you with high-quality tires at very affordable prices.

Capitol Tire Rebate


capitol tire rebate

In order to help you save even more money, Capitol Tires even offer capitol tire rebates! Majority of capitol tire rebates are offered to you when you purchase four tires that will be used for the same car. However, take note that these rebates are commonly only available for specific tire brands.If this is not your brand, then you could get tire coupons from other famous brand such us: michelin rebate, goodyear rebate or firestone rebate.

So, what are you waiting for? If you are looking for high-quality, top-performing and affordable tires you should definitely consider Capitol Tires! Be it for a sporty vehicle or a light truck, you can definitely find those tires at Capitol Tire. Even more than being affordable, they even offer you capitol tire rebate coupons helping you save even more!

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